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Free mediation of work as a nanny in a family
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Nanny's duties


FRee mediation
of work As a nanny

Nannies, housekeepers, hostess and more...

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What we can offer

We focus on and offer long-term cooperation with our important clients.


With us you have a certainty of quality
and stable work in a family of your choice,
which you will visit with joy and where you will be maximally satisfied.


You can start immediately or as agreed with family. We also offer positions 2 months before their start.

All offers are sent to e-mail addresses.

Financial reward

The financial reward depends mainly on your skills, what you can offer to family
and children.


Depends on the length of your experience with children, field of study, courses attended   and mostly on family's offer and financial possibilities.


An average financial reward of a nanny is 130 CZK per hour.


We do not take any registration or mediation fees.

What we require

We require previous experience, interest in long-term cooperation with family, time flexibility, majority, integrity and responsibility.


Pedagogical or medical education is advantage.  Also experience in social services, education institutions or au pair stays can improve nanny's profile.


Next advantage is driving licence, knowledge of foreign language or trade licence.


It is needed to send following documents.

We are different:

We try to satisfy everybody:

We are friendly:

Great nanny is not made of certificate:

Quality portfolio guarantees faster start:

We work from 2014 and we have positive reviews. Over 150 happy nannies found their family
with us.

We are here for our clients as well as we are here for nannies! We try to maximally comply with nannies and find a suitable family for them.

With us you have certainty of stable job:

Our nannies do not pay any registration fees. Nannies make a contract directly with the family, so we do not tear of any commissions from they reward.

Do not worry about unkindness from our side.
In case of need you can contact us and ask questions anytime!

Certificates are not condition. We require mainly experience and kindness to children.

We introduce our nannies to families by portfolio, made of sent documents. The more documents the bigger chance with family.

About us

families found their nanny with us

CZK is average hourly wage of nanny

minutes after personal interview first offers are sent

hours of free time for parents thanks to you

happy children






Would you like to work as a nanny?

Make a query and we will contact you!


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What do we need from nanny?

Please send following documents to our e-mail address:

• CV

• motivation letter

• copy from the criminal record

• recommendation

• photography

Form for a candidate

Questionnaire for a candidate

Please fill following documents:



We will create a portfolio from these documents.
Without sending these documents you cannot start to work.

Spokojení rodiče i dítě díky Mary Poppins


,,In every job that must be done,

there is an element of fun.

You find the fun and snap!

The job's a game.''

- Mary Poppins

How we work

Make a query and through the form


We will invite you to personal interview and offer you free date

The interview with our HR manager will be in our office

You will send us remaining necessary documents

We will offer you families according
to your requirements

Meeting with chosen family

In case of satisfaction you can agree on cooperation

Now you can
start working

Nanny's duties

Responsibilities depend on the age of the baby.

Remember, you can never replace child's parents, but you are able to teach him or her something new and interesting, help parents in child's development and education.

The most important things you should provide:


- Monitoring the safety of your baby all the time

- The use of modern techniques, adjusted for your child

- Harmonious and comprehensive development of your baby through music, drawing, design, foreign languages

- Comprehensive monitoring of the health of the child taking into account age features - nutrition, daily routine, exercise

Babysitter for new-born and nursling children:

- provides child’s safety;

- provides hygienic procedures and massage;

- prepares nourishment for a child and feeds him;

- walks with a baby;

- uses techniques of early;

- attends medical departments for children timetable of vaccinations

Babysitter for children of 1-3 years:

- follows day regimen;

- teaches personal hygiene and self care skills. - controls the room and

  belongings of a child;

- knows psycho emotional periods of children’s development;

- is in command of traditional and modern techniques of development;

- is able to teach children and evolve interest in them;

- walks and feeds a child.

Babysitter for children 3-6 years:

- teaches children reading and mathematics;

- teaches children how to behave;

- prepares them to school in accordance with modern school program.

- takes care of physical culture;

- develops sculpture, drawing and framing skills.

- develops musical skills.


Meetings and interviews take place at:


Revoluční 8
110 00  Prague 1

Czech Republic


Building A, 3rd floor, office number 313

Phone number:  +420 777 770 193



Would you like to work as a nanny?
Make a query and we will contact you!

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Nanny's duties


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